WhatImJamminOnTheiPod: The Dame-O Show

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It's time for... THE DAME-O SHOW. Chicago artist Dame-O [1/6 of the group Beach Street Club] just released more than a mixtape. He released an album! The Dame-O Show mixtape takes music back with its mixture of jazz, melodic lyrics, and talks of everyday. Not that Hip-Hop has lost its way, but this mixtape is a definite representation of Hip-Hop. Gives me a feeling of Mos Def and Common mixed with Jay-Z and Slick Rick.

Backed by his group Beat Street Club he gives you flow and rhythm with his vocals. Mixtape also features other artist and poets such as Achillez, Sean Ace [of BSC], Whitney Taylor [of BSC],  Nia, Lee England Jr., TL Williams, K-Love, and Jus Cuz.

Check out The Dame-O Show

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